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Incredible Mini – The Mini Masters

Launched in 1959, The Mini was designed responding to the 1956 Suez Crisis and the resulting fuel shortages, the need for a more efficient town car, to be space saving and a front wheel drive car. During the 80’s and 90’ the Mini shifted from being a mass market car to more of a fashionable icon.

BMW purchased the Rover Group in 1994, selling off MG, Rover and Land Rover in 2000 whilst retaining the Mini marquee. The BMW MINI has been re-established, still front wheel drive but even more sportier with luxury appointments and top end technology for the vehicle class emphasising fashion and driving satisfaction.

Paradise Garage are the MINI masters to keep you motoring. Our enthusiastic and knowledge technicians understand what is required to maintain driving reliability and pleasure for the MINI and its driver. With the correct service and maintenance this classic robust car will provide you with many years of driving pleasure. Supported by state of the art diagnostic equipment Paradise Garage MINI master technicians know their way around your MINI – they will advise and guide you with regard to all your servicing needs for your MINI.

State of the art diagnostic technology
Trained Paradise Garage MINI master technicians
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