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A class of its own – extraordinary drive

Whether your pride and joy is a Rover 75 or a MG ZT, the Paradise Garage MG Rover service team will soon have your motor car running as smoothly as the day you took it for that first, extraordinary drive.

The quintessentially British Rover motor car is known for its reliability and timeless designs, featuring both innovative engineering and style.The first Rover cars were produced in 1904. Designed by Edmund Lewis who had come to Rover from Daimler, the Rover 8 was a single cylinder 8hp central back-boned chassis car. In 1933, Rover came under new management and adopted a new philosophy that would shape the development of the company for years to come—”Rover: One of Britain’s Fine Cars.”

The modern Rover was developed to be everything that a forward-looking Rover should be, and resulted in the release of the Rover 75 in 1998. It was designed under the guidance of Richard Woolley with the goal taking the stress out of driving and putting the pleasure back into motoring. As such the Rover 75 was a particularly refined car and was extremely highly optioned for its class, reflecting attention to detail and a beautiful blend of creativity and engineering integrity.

In comparison to the Rover motor car, MG cars have appealed to sports enthusiasts since 1924. Having positioned itself as a pure and iconic sports motoring brand, over the years MG has reinvigorated the enthusiasm for driving for pleasure, ensuring both driver and passenger looking forward to the journey as much as the destination. MG cars are beautiful examples of automotive design and innovation, whilst always conscious of affordability.

Paradise Garage was appointed as Sydney’s authorised MG Rover service and parts dealer in 2004. We have continued to focus on providing MG and Rover 75 owners with the highest levels of customer and car care servicing for these fine examples of British motoring. Our factory-trained workshop technicians are supported with factory diagnostic equipment so they can your car at its very best, whilst our well-stocked parts department is supported by a knowledgeable and resourceful parts team.

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