Bentley Service

— Build a good car, a fast car, the best in class.

From the earliest through to today’s Bentley, our service and maintenance program will keep your Bentley performing at its best.

Walter Owen Bentley’s dream was to create a car at the pinnacle of motoring. Something large, fast, silent and comfortable. A Bentley motor car is capable of breaking the work speed record and at the same time be exquisitely handcrafted – confirming a passion for racing with style and elegance.

Bentley Boys love the journey. They are driving enthusiasts at heart and equally interested in scoring wins a Le Mans. Today’s Bentley motor car displays immense power, instantly available torque and is superbly appointed with the finest handcrafted features.

From the earliest through to today’s Bentley, Paradise Garage knows what it takes to keep your Bentley performing at its best. Our service and maintenance program’s attention to detail is designed to ensure that the car’s effortless power is always available to the driver.

Innovative diagnostic equipment and Factory trained technicians
Fixed price servicing
Comprehensive Genuine Bentley parts inventory
Extensive on-site overhaul and exchange parts service
Paradise Garage Heritage Aftercare Service program
Restoration including Concours and refurbishment services