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Vapour Blasting (also referred to as Hydro Blasting, Aqua Blasting, Water Blasting and Wet Blasting) offers a superior alternative to dry blasting, with a dust-free process and and a softer surface finish. In cosmetic applications, this helps to keep components cleaner for longer.

Sydney Vapour Blasting uses genuine Vixen Wet Blasting machinery to harmoniously recondition Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, Aeronautical and other industrial components to the highest standard. The process uses a water and abrasive slurry to simultaneously blast and degrease which prevents impregnation of media onto the component.

Vapour Blasting (or aqua/water/hydro/wet blasting) will remove all applied surface coatings without damage to the parent material.

  • No job is too small!
  • Ideal treatment to restore aluminium and cast iron components to original standard.
  • For all booking and enquiries, visit, email or call (02) 9313 7866

Sydney Vapour Blasting also offers a dry bead blasting service.

To recondition Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, Aeronautical and other industrial components.

To see a Vixen Aquablast in action, watch the video below.

To view the difference between wet and dry blasted products, watch the video below.

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