Royal Automobile Club of Australia

About The Club


The establishment of the Club in 1903 was a response to the need for a body to represent motorists on early legislation affecting the first automobiles on the State’s roads. The Royal Automobile Club of Australia undertook key responsibilities such as the insurance of these early vehicles, and, of equal importance, the issuing of the State’s first ‘competency certificates’ for drivers.

Today the Club continues to prosper with a diverse membership, fine events programme, accommodation, dining, health club, garage with car parking, business centre facilities and is a sought after function and wedding reception venue.

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 The Motoring Enthusiasts Group

The motoring enthusiasts group encourages members and guests of the Royal Automobile Club of Australia to come together on drive days to meet other passionate motorists.

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A membership with the Royal Automobile Club of Australia will not only provide a wide range of benefits within the club, but with a membership, Paradise Garage will provide their customer services at a discount!

To enquire about a membership, visit or contact Paul Lukes via email – or call 9313 7866.