90 years in Australia!

90 years of technological innovation and automotive creation

The CITROËN brand, founded in 1919, is celebrating its 90th anniversary in Australia this year. This makes CITROËN
the longest continuously sold car brand in Australia. CITROËN has a strong culture nourished by the unwavering desire
to understand, surprise and satisfy its customers. CITROËN has always designed with the future in mind. The Type A
was Europe’s first mass-production car, launched in 1919. The Traction Avant wrote the rules on the modern automobile 75 years ago. The 2CV made motoring freedom accessible to all. The DS embodied the power of progress.

90 years of creative vehicles

CITROËN is the most collected car brand in the world. Producing the most emblematic vehicles of their times – including the Type A, Traction Avant, 2CV and DS, along with the more recent Berlingo, C4 Picasso and new C3 – CITROËN has always had a modern and creative approach approach to mobility.

90 years of innovation

Yesterday with the Traction, the first front-wheel drive European car, today with Stop & Start technology, and tomorrow with hybrid diesels, CITROËN’S vision is “Créative Technologie”.  Most of all, this means going beyond simple technical and scientific exploits to find the right choices, choices that are useful and surprising, in the form of new cars and new services that illustrate the Créative Technology tagline.

90 years of conquest

CITROËN has entered the motor sport history books with four Manufacturers’ titles and five Drivers’ titles for Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena in the World Rally Championship. This rich history – from rally raids to the croisières – proves all of the brand’s technology mastery and competitive hunger.

90 years of communication

CITROËN has a no-limits, non-conformist and bold approach to communication. From the Eiffel Tower to the Internet, it uses all media to promote its brand and vehicles.  CITROËN’S expression is as strong now as it was at the beginning.

90 years of achievement

1919: Birth of the Citroën brand

1919: Launch of the Type A, Europe’s first mass-produced vehicle

1920: Creation of first company créche

1922-1923: First Sahara crossing in A2 half-track vehicles

1923: Launch of Citroën toys (miniature cars, models, etc.)

1923: Citroën signs its first official deal with an Australian vehicle importer.

1924-1925: Croisière Noire (30,000 km across Africa)

1924: Launch of the first mass-produced all-steel car, the B10

1925: “Citroën” lights up the Eiffel Tower – for 10 years

1925:  Citroën made history by being the first car to travel around Australia in a yellow 5CV.

1928: Launch of the C4 and C6

1927: Charles Lindbergh visits the Javel factory

1931-1932: Croisière Jaune (12,000 km across Asia)

1933: First sporting exploit, with the “Petite Rosalie” covering 300,000 km in 133 days in Montlhéry

1934: Presentation of the Traction Avant, the first mass-produced front-wheel drive car

1934: Michelin takes over Citroën

1935: Death of André Citroën

1936: Citroën’s first diesel

1947: Presentation of the Type H van with front-wheel drive and flat floor

1948: Presentation of the 2CV

1954: Hydraulic suspension debuts on the Traction Avant 15-6H

1955: Presentation of the DS

1957: Traction production ends

1959: First Monte Carlo rally victory with an ID 19

1961: Inauguration of the Rennes Le Janais plant, for the launch of the Ami 6

1965: Creation of the Vélizy technical centre

1967: DS with swivelling headlamps presented at Paris Motor Show

1968: Launch of the Méhari

1970: Presentation of the SM and GS

1973: 2CV Africa rally raid

1974: Quai de Javel plant closes

1974: The Peugeot family buys the Citroën brand

1974: Launch of the CX

1975: Last DS produced

1981: “En avant Citroën” ad by Savignac

1982: Quai de Javel closes

1984: The C15 starts its 22-year career

1985: New brand identity with white chevrons on red background

1986: Operation Dragon, with 140 youngsters crossing China in AXs

1989: Launch of the Citroën XM

1991: Citroën’s first Paris-Dakar race – and victory

1991: André Citroen elected manufacturer of the century for his innovations by a automobile jury

1993: Launch of the Xantia

1993: New advertising tagline, “Vous n’imaginez pas tout ce que Citroen peut faire pour vous”

1996: Launch of the Citroën Berlingo, the first leisure activity vehicle

1997: Berlingo rally raid, with 198 young Europeans driving from Paris to Moscow

1998: Creation of HDi engines

1999: First World Rally Championship with the Xsara kit car

1999: Launch of the Xsara Picasso

1999: Citroen tops the mark of one million annual sales

2001: Citroën Conservatoire opened in Aulnay

2002: Launch of the Citroën C3 and Citroën C8

2003: First World Rally Championship Constructors’ title

2004: Citroën C4 launch accompanied by Neil Blomkamp’s Dancing Robot ad

2007: Inauguration of 42 Champs Elysées in Paris

2006: Launch of the Citroën C4 Picasso

2008: Launch of the new Citroën C5

2009: Brand rebirth with a new identity based on white, red and grey

Source: Offical Citroen Australia Website Press Release 30 May 2013


Citroen Celebrates 90 Years
Directed by Vincent Casiro